The musical highlight of this cantata is the complex duet for soprano and bass, “Gott, ach Gott, verlass die Dienen”. Soprano Amy Carson and bass Robert Davies had beautifully complementary voices; Carson’s flawless attack was particularly noteworthy.

Colin Clarke, Seen and Heard International 04/08/17

She sang a heartrending version of Blute Nur and...gave us the most emotional and spiritual moment of the evening with Aus Liebe.

Luis Gago, El Pais St Matthew Passion, in San Sebastián - Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra, Sir John Eliot Gardiner

Carson breathed life into her phrases, as well as revealing considerable technical command.

Dominic Wells, Opera Britannia Fairy Queen

The drama is all in the music, and in its spare, strong characterisation of the young wife herself, sung sweetly by Amy Carson.

Hilary Finch, The Times The Cumnor Affair

Still, there are moments when passions fly, especially when Amy Carson reveals the wronged woman’s broken heart. Her voice carries a wealth of feeling.

Nick Kimberly, Evening Standard The Cumnor Affair

Amy Carson had many good notes and touching phrases.

Andrew Porter, Opera The Cumnor Affair

And the young soprano Amy Carson caught the ear as the Spirit.

Richard Morrison, The Times Dido and Aeneas

The performances are excellent, particularly newcomer Amy Carson, who could have a huge career ahead of her on the strength of her work here.

Matthew Turner, The ViewLondon Review The Magic Flute

Amy Carson, the cast's biggest unknown, a cambridge student when Branagh picked her, offers an eloquent Pamina, full of potential and spunk. She doesn't shrivel even when singing alongside Lyubov Petrova's blowtorch Queen of the Night.

Geoff Brown, Opera Pamina

Except for the unknown Amy Carson, very sweet and credible as Pamina, Branagh has cast the romantic leads with rising opera stars who sing superbly but fall straight into the old trap of giving stage performances in close-up.

Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph Pamina

Amy Carson, a gorgeous, bright-eyed, charming Pamina.

Framescourer, London UK – IMDB Pamina

Petrova makes a good Queen of the Night and Carson a substantial Pamina

Derek Elley. Variety Pamina

Bristolian newcomer Amy Carson is outstanding as love-interest Pamina, flagging a depth of emotion that plays alongside the limpid widescreen photography and soaring overhead shots.

Lee Marshall, The Guardian Pamina

For Pamina, Branagh rejected what Conlon described as several young, attractive and proven singers for an even younger, more beautiful and completely unproven British soprano in her early 20s, just out of school and without a professional résumé. There is no question that Amy Carson looks the part. She brings a smoldering sensuality to the screen and a fresh-as-morning-dew voice.

Mark Swed, Times Music Critic. LA Times Pamina

Amy Carson as Dido was a deep, honeysweet delight; her voice and performance evoked the dignity, fear and deep emotion of Dido sympathetically.

Alice Fordham, Varsity Cambridge Dido and Aeneas. ADC Theatre. Cambridge University Opera

Amy Carson - photo by Gerard Collett

Amy Carson in Pamina

Amy Carson in Musetta

Amy Carson in the Cumnor Affair